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How can I reduce employee turnover and increase productivity at my company?

When you hire new staff members, it’s important that they are a great fit for your company. Many times, business leaders will hire someone quickly to fill a need in their company without thinking critically and long-term.

Hiring the wrong people for the wrong position in your company affects both workplace productivity and the happiness of that employee. In most cases, people believe they will enjoy the position they are hired to fill. If the requirements of the job are unclear, and the individual’s talents and motivators are not the right fit for the job, that person will become burned out and disillusioned with their job and the company. Simply put, hiring the wrong person is bad for everyone involved.

Training NH Employers in Effective Hiring Techniques

In our experience, business leaders don’t need to be told that they have problems with employee retention or productivity: they recognize it when they see it, and they want to know how to improve it.

At BCNH, we train employers in techniques that help them identify the talents and personality traits in applicants that will suit them in a given position. We help leaders recognize what the applicant has to offer that can benefit the company, but also whether that person will feel fulfilled and satisfied in that position. As with most things, there are two sides to employee retention: their happiness and yours.

Training NH Managers in Promotion & Career Advancing Techniques

Hand in hand with effective hiring techniques is how to identify existing talent and advance the careers of your current employees.

At BCNH, we train managers to recognize, inspire and develop key talent and creativity in their staff. Our training seminars help leaders identify the future leaders in the workplace, leading to higher performance and the retention of your top talent.

Is your company struggling to keep and motivate its best employees?

You can benefit from our Hiring and Promotion Training for Leaders. Business Consulting of NH offers workplace analysis and training seminars to improve your leadership’s ability to hire the right people for the right positions. Give us a call today at 603-763-9770 or contact us online.

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