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My favorite work as a coach is getting individuals, executives and business owners to become aware of what they are doing to themselves, to their business and to those around them. I see my role not so much as being the one to provide the answers, but to help my clients focus on the right question, and then letting their own answers emerge. They are much more likely to take action and persist when they are implementing their own idea they feel passionate about. This is particularly true for questions of work-life balance. They must crave for more of a life before they will do something about it.

If you want to grow and/or achieve greater balance in your life, please contact me. I can help.

- Coach Hardy

Problems we address:

  • Dissatisfaction with current job, supervisor, organization
  • Unclear about Career Goals and the future direction
  • Dealing with difficult boss / team / work culture / work environment
  • Feeling of stagnation, no professional growth
  • Little or no personal growth
  • Struggling in some area(s) of their life

Solutions (with the help of our guidance):

  • Expert questions for objective self-reflection on personal mission, vision, goals, motivators, passions
  • Being open to honest and constructive feedback from superiors, mentors, colleagues, friends
  • Being open to change
  • Being open to personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Developing Superior Listening Skills, especially with challenging situations and people
  • Treating each individual, including difficult boss, with the dignity, respect and appreciation they deserve
  • Creating clear boundaries and self-respect
  • Evaluating all reasonable options
  • Developing a workable change process and action plan and welcoming an accountability partner


  • Increased Performance in current job/career if no change is called for
  • Increased level of satisfaction with current situation, or as a result of major change
  • Increased happiness and resultant creativity which radiates out to colleagues and friends
  • Increased attractive traits which can precipitate being noticed and considered for advancement by company’s senior management and owners
  • Reputation for handling and solving conflict easily, expeditiously
  • Best model for excellent communication and increased harmony
  • Excellent Customer Service because of the “attraction” factor

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