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I am a business consultant and coach to professional individuals and numerous businesses, from start-ups to mature organizations.

My life and career path have made me well attuned to every phase of a business and every stage of a person’s life. I have learned from great mentors and countless work situations, including plenty of experiences of the pitfalls to avoid. My clients are now benefiting from my 40+ years of business and life experience.

As an executive coach and consultant, I help people create harmony in their professional relationships and improve employee engagement by eliminating conflicts in values, priorities and goals.

Together, we re-align beliefs and practices to achieve clear communications, better relationships and a thriving business.

In my role as executive coach and consultant, I’ve seen goodwill, positive affirmation and kindness become activators of amazing transformation. Creating new joy and harmony within a business partnership or leadership team spreads from the leaders to the rest of the business, family lives and the community. For me it’s always an honor to share my time-tested methods, tools and best practices with business partners and executive teams who are ready to break through barriers and reach the next level of their business potential.

My consulting and training business from the 1990s to today was preceded by a successful track record in corporate management positions.

As an Entrepreneur & Corporate Director in the 1980s I successfully started, bought, sold and merged a number of high tech companies and professional services businesses. I also served on multiple boards of directors of established companies, start-ups, and non-profit organizations.

In the 1970s I was the Senior Vice President and Treasurer for the Sheraton Hotel Corporation, a $2.5 billion market-leading multi-national hotel company with 350 subsidiaries in the US and in 40 foreign countries. There I was responsible for all corporate and subsidiary financing, liquidity, and balance sheet management. I participated in all senior, corporate committees directing the rapid world-wide expansion of this global company.

Throughout the 1960s I was an international banker; lending officer, branch administrator and operations officer for leading US and multinational banks, including Citibank in the US and Europe.


  • Univ. of California, Berkeley, BS & MBA, Accounting and Finance
  • Coach University, Graduate of Coach Training Program
  • Certified TriMetrix Analyst
    Certified Emotional Intelligence Analyst (EQi)
  • Continuous Learner, Personal and Professional development seminars


  • Management positions at Citibank and State Street Bank in the United States and Europe
  • International Treasurer and Corporate Treasurer of the Sheraton Hotel Corporation
  • First partnership venture at age 40
  • Four business partnerships over a period of 12 years