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What the best leaders do – 4 critical areas:

Listening to your colleagues and employees. Being fully present during your listening to the speaker. (no multi-tasking), and listening without agenda. Have mutual respect and understanding for all your employees. Show trust.

Focusing on Strengths and giving positive and sincere feedback promptly and often. Positive reinforcement can go a long way and will give employees the drive to work harder in all of their tasks. Create a structure for the office and all tasks to help everyone focus on their work a bit better.

Sharing your appreciation of others often. – Again, sincere only. Criticisms is okay as well, but approach it in a positive way not making the person feel devalued.

Be open to honest feedback. Ask for it, make the person feel safe for offering their sincere feedback, and truly appreciate the feedback. Take corrective action where appropriate and promptly. 

For more information about these steps and for the original source please click here.

Business Partners: Sharing the Workload

I recently met with a business owner who I have worked with in the past. During our first consulting session, his first words were “I am tired…” He started his business 26 years ago. Even though he had three business partners, he still felt burnt out.

So I began to inquire, trying to determine what parts of the business he felt passionate about. I knew that once he recognized one specific area of his business that he loved, he could delegate other responsibilities to his partners.

Over the following sessions, I helped him and his three partners develop a strategy for redistributing responsibilities. Although we were able to fix the workload problem, that was not the heart of the issue.

One of the foundational problems of the whole scenario was lack of communication. The business owner had not communicated his needs with his partners, so they were unable to recognize his struggle.

With the business owner and his partners present, we all developed a communication plan to ensure this sort of problem didn’t happen in the future. Nothing should be withheld in communication between partners. If a need or interest or concern is important to one of them, it will directly affect everyone involved.

Some of the things to watch for are older business owners talking about retirement. They might seem more worn out than usual. When you see these sign and symptoms, don’t be afraid to ask about their plans for the future. If they seem unsure, they might have too much on their plate. Please feel free to send them my way.

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